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Covid19 - Sailing into a storm?

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

How are workers faring and how can organizations help during and after Covid19?

We are all adults here

World leading research into what makes humans tick whilst working through the Coronavirus pandemic. What makes us happy, how to demotivate us and how to keep sane!

The key to an employee’s good performance while working from home was ‘happiness’.

Happiness, engendered by a combination of active social and business connections, and of being allowed the autonomy to manage jobs as the worker saw fit.

Results were dramatic. Autonomous, connected home workers felt more psychologically comfortable. This meant reduced stress, better engagement with all levels of the organization, higher feelings of creativity and sustained levels of performance.

Unhappy workers, meanwhile, suffered across all fronts including their intellectual performance, which was significantly worse than those of their happier peers.

In a connected experiment exploring colour, respondents working on a quiz presented on a red background performed significantly worse than colleagues doing exactly the same quiz on a white or blue background.

All results are discussed in the below report.

2020 Lockdown Loosening Survey Report
Download PDF • 1.27MB

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