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Scientific Research into the Design and Management of Office Space

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Peer reviewed journal article by Craig Knight and S. Alexander Haslam, Universtiy of Exeter.

Publication: 2010 Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied

A scientific investigation into how business space harms and benefits people and productivity.

Principles of lean management encourage managers to exert tight control over office space and the people within it.

Alternative, design-led approaches promote the value of offices that are enriched, particularly by plants and art.

On the basis of a social identity perspective, we argue that both of these approaches may compromise organizational outcomes by disempowering workers and failing to give them input into the design of their office space.

Read the full article, within it.

2010 JEP Space Experiments (1)
Download PDF • 126KB

Key features:

  • The toxicity of the spartan, lean environment,

  • The fallacies inherent in modern business management,

  • The development of healthy, sustainable and profitable working environments.

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