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Would you like to know precisely what is required to help your business thrive in the new flexible world of work?

"There is one tool specifically developed for the post pandemic world of work."
Dr. Craig Knight PhD MSc HRF (Exon) CPsychol BSCAH.

​​Do you want to know what’s holding back your workforce? 


Would you like to discover what management and leadership skills require improvement to help your people become top performers?

​Would you like to know how to improve performance?

​How about a detailed analysis of your employees with actionable insights for areas of improvement?

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This is what we do.

The Knight Index Explainer

The Knight Index Explainer

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The Knight Index combines 100 years of workplace science with up to date pandemic research. Now, organisations can pull precisely the right business levers to affect wellness, engagement and performance across a range of working environments.  The Knight Index replaces guesswork with science, addresses the bottom line and produces phenomenal results.

We do this by assessing existing skillsets within the business and identify opportunities for upskilling in those areas which are essential to operating successfully in a flexible working environment.

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The Benefits

Return on investment is almost immediate.

We put the levers of corporate well-being and performance directly into management hands. Companies can clearly see what is going right and wrong on an organisational, departmental, team and even individual basis.

This is a business-critical tool that will clearly signpost areas of improvement essential to hybrid, flexible, remote, static and other ways of working.
The Knight Index can be rapidly deployed across any size of business, providing deep dive statistical analysis to whatever level is required.


We can benchmark:

  • Against the marketplace

  • Within the organisation

  • Between countries, companies and even office locations

  • Within and between departments

…and even benchmark individuals. 

The Knight index provide crucial business data.

Performance is Measurable

How do you and your organisation score against the key levers and variables including well-being and performance?


The Knight Index: Ki is a scientific approach to understanding how individuals, teams or whole companies are performing.


At a time when companies are planning their new way of working post Covid-19, the Ki score will provide areas for improvement that are essential to the successful introduction of Hybrid Working.

We can work with you to develop meaningful action plans to improve performance and increase the level of well-being and performance in your organisation.

All Your Data, at Your Fingertips
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Our unique Ki Dashboard report allows company leaders and managers to easily explore actionable insights on how to improve performance which can be monitored over time and compared against benchmarks.

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If you are looking to understand your strengths and areas for improvement when it comes to managing a hybrid organisation, take our free Knight index lite scorecard to find out.

The 'lite' version offers you unique insight into the power of the full Knight index and you'll get your 'lite' results within minutes and a PDF report emailed directly to you.

How ready are you to be a successful manager in the new world of work?

Take the free Ki: lite survey now

Meet Dr. Craig Knight PhD MSc HRF (Exon) CPsychol BSCAH.

The Knight Index is an innovation in well-being and performance assessment developed with the work psychology skills and experience of Dr. Craig Knight, based on 100 years' of Science and 20 years' of research.

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