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There is one tool specifically developed for the post pandemic world of work. 

It combines 100 years of workplace science with bleeding edge lockdown and post lockdown research. It means that organisations pull precisely the right business levers to affect wellness, engagement and performance across a range of working environments.  It addresses the bottom line and produces useful, monetizable results.

The Knight Index replaces guesswork with science,


How much money has business thrown away on surveys that attach simplistic percentages to rafts of individual answers.  All of which fail the fundamental “So what?” test. 


By comparison, The Knight Index uses meaningful scales, detailed analytics, and the modesty of science.


Hybrid workplace or otherwise, the Knight Index offers post pandemic businesses the chance to move away from ineffective practices.  Organisations can now control the business tracks with unambiguous, easy to use data; setting the points to a balanced, wealthy and thriving future.   There is commercial edge, insight and significant ROI waiting to be grasped.

"A high self-awareness was the strongest predictor of overall success.”
Cornell University 2010

Key Levers and Variables

For the first time organisations can see immediately how they are performing across a range of critical levers and variables.

iPWC Survey Icons2-08.png

Network Strength

iPWC Survey Icons2-03.png

Workplace Interaction

iPWC Survey Icons2-11.png

Healthy Workplace

iPWC Survey Icons2-07.png

Organisational Citizenship

iPWC Survey Icons2-02.png


iPWC Survey Icons2-12.png

Team Identity

iPWC Survey Icons2-05.png


iPWC Survey Icons2-06.png

Organisation Identity

iPWC Survey Icons2-10.png

Turnover Intention

iPWC Survey Icons2-04.png


iPWC Survey Icons2-09.png


Trust icon_edited.png


Ki : Measuring what Matters  

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The Causal Effect

Causal Diagram_edited.jpg

The management levers of Trust, Autonomy and Resources are key to enabling organisations like yours to influence all other critical variables.

All variables are scored on a sliding scale where zero is the lowest result and 100 the best.

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